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J - Nr Holsworthy

Hypnotherapy has helped me take control of my emotions. I have re-gained confidence and am able to stop and consider situations. I have increased will power and focus. Control is the main thing - taking back control of my life.

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C - Northam

I went to Matthew to help deal with a stressful time in my life and had also been diagnosed with depression. I found the whole experience amazing, after being a bit sceptical beforehand I was not sure what to expect, I really believe that the treatments work. It's been life changing.

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L - Nr Holsworthy

Hypnotherapy helped me in a big way to face my fear of needles and got me into a place where i could go to the hospital and face my fear. Matthew put me at my ease and changed the way I think about a stressful situations I was facing. I would gladly recommend his (Matthews) service

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L - Holsworthy

I went to see Matthew due to stress, depression and a general 'low' feeling. After just one session my mood lifted and I began a journey of re-training my mind and changing the outdated pattern of thinking that I had carried with me for far too long. I was pleasantly surprised at how Hypnotherapy was so gentle and Matthews tutoring invaluable in bringing about the realisation that it was only myself stopping me from moving forward in my life! After 3 sessions I began to notice a huge change in my everyday life. I finally gave up smoking (something I had tried to do for over ten years!) I felt brighter, much calmer, happier, even my mental maths had improved! I did not allow stress to invade my everyday life and found myself to be enjoying aspects of life that I had taken for granted! In between sessions I listened to a CD provided to reinforce my new patterns of thought and behaviour. The great thing about these sessions is that they are for life! Suitable for any personal problems or goals to reach! I can highly recommend Matthew to anyone. Once again thank you!

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E - Nr Holsworthy

Anxiety levels decreased considerably. Calmer, more relaxed and able to overcome some of the fears of moving to a totally new life. Totally positive and no hesitation in making referrals to an empathetic, caring and excellent therapist.

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M - Sutcombe

I have far more control over life issues, sleep better and quicker. In a happier place with hope for the future. It is beneficial time and money spent for a happier and more controlled life, temperament and future.

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L - Sheepwash

I would absolutely recommend Matt Dennis to others. Matt is understanding and professional.....Hypnotherapy has helped me gain focus and re-evaluate. I've obtained a set of tools and values that help me in every day life. I can now continue on this path with a happier and more confident outlook.

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K- Nr Holsworthy

The entire process surpassed my expectations. From the start you are treated as a person, rather than a list of symptoms. The sessions are tailored to your needs to achieve the best results possible. So thank you for all your magical life changing help...

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G - Nr Holsworthy

I am feeling more confident and have no more panic attacks. The change has been amazing, i'm so glad I came to you. Thank you for all your help.


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